Canoe, Kayak & Tube Rental Prices

Interested in our Canoe, Kayak & Tube Rental Prices? Here’s everything you need to know to get the most enjoyment out of your Little Miami River trip!

We are now closed for the 2019 season. Thanks for another fantastic season!

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$5.00 additional charge per paying customer on weekends & holidays

Scenic River Canoe Excursions is the southeastern most canoe and kayak livery on the Little Miami River.

We’ll admit we’re biased, but we think it’s the prettiest part of Ohio’s most beautiful river, located just a few miles from beautiful Historic Old Milford, Ohio.


Terrell's Short Trip $20/paddler ~ 2.1 Miles

Duration: 45~75 minutes unless you are tube floating.

Perfect for families with young children, beginners, or those wanting to enjoy a quick outing.

$20 PER PERSON plus tax

Canoe, Kayak, Tandem Kayak, or Tube (There is no price difference.)

Closed for the season


Fletcher’s Mid Trip $25/paddler ~ 6 Miles

Duration: 2~3 hours

MOST POPULAR. Provides ample time to soak up the Little Miami’s breathtaking scenery.

Tubes are not available for this trip.

$25 PER PERSON plus tax

Canoe, Kayak or Tandem Kayak (There is no price difference.)

Closed for the season


Remington's Run $30/paddler ~ 8.5 Miles

Duration: 3~5 hours

This kayak adventure trip is hailed by as “by far the most exciting” section of the Little Miami river. With over a dozen rapids in total, Remington’s Run is home to one of the longest and most thrilling rapids in the tri-state area, locally known as “The Boat House Rapid!”

Canoes and tubes are not available for this trip.

$30 PER PERSON plus tax

Kayak or Tandem Kayak Only (There is no price difference.)

*Not for beginners*

Closed for the season

Canoe: Canoes require at least 2 paying customers. Kids ages 4 to 10 can ride for free on the floor of the canoe with 2 paying customers. All of the canoes are the upgraded Old Town, Wenonah, and Novacraft brands. We do not offer aluminum canoes.
Kayak: All single person kayaks require, and hold a maximum of, 1 paying customer.  Small dogs can ride with you for free. All of the kayaks are either the Old Town Twister sit-on-top or the Jackson Riviera sit-on-top.  Both are very comfortable, stable and easy to use. They’re great for beginners and our regulars love them!
Tandem Kayak: All tandem kayaks require, and hold a maximum of, 2 paying customers.  Tandem kayaks are the most stable boat in the fleet, very comfortable, and easy to use.  The two types we carry are Jackson Rivi-T’s and Old Town’s Ocean Malibu. Availability is on a first come first serve basis.
Tube: **Terrell’s Short Trip only** All tubes require, and hold a maximum of, 1 paying customer.  Dogs are not permitted on tubes. Most of them are donut style tubes, but some do have bottoms.  All of them have two handles and a cupholder. Bring straps or rope if you want to tie together multiple tubes. Allow about 3 hours for your leisurely float trip (duration will vary depending on river level).

Have your own watercraft?
We do offer a shuttle only service for folks that have all of their own gear and the price is $20/single person kayak and $30/tandem kayak and tandem canoe. Include a $5.00 additional charge per paying customer on weekends & holidays. The kayak or canoe must be at least 9 feet long and able to fit safely on our trailer. Similarly, we do not shuttle privately owned tubes or any inflatables due to liability issues.

If you would prefer to transport yourself to a put-in and pull out on our property, the price is $10/canoe, kayak, or tube. You and all members of your group must check-in, sign a waiver, pay, and receive your wristband(s) before you begin your trip in order to pull out on our property.  When you finish your trip, one or more of our staff members will gladly HELP YOU carry your canoe or kayak back to the loading area. Finally, no customer vehicles are permitted on our beach property and everyone must be back and off the river by 7 p.m. daily. Overnight parking is not available. Give us a call anytime with questions regarding these services.

Some basics about our Canoe, Kayak and Tube Rentals on the Little Miami River:

  • The time frames given as the “Duration” are fairly accurate estimates. The time it takes for you to return depends on two things: 1. river conditions and 2. how often you use your motor (paddle).
  • There is no designated time limit on any trip. All we ask is that you be back by dinner (7 p.m. daily).
  • All river trips end back at the Scenic River Canoe Excursions livery. That means your car is just steps away from your last paddle into shore.
  • Rentals include two paddles per canoe (one kayak paddle per kayak), life preservers, parking and a safety briefing.
  • We rent canoes, single and tandem kayaks, and tubes. All equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. We have a very large inventory of boats and tubes. It is very rare if we don’t have immediate availability, but we do suggest visiting us earlier vs. later in the day to get ahead of the crowd on weekends.
  • All of the canoes available for rent are the upgraded plastic canoes.  We do not rent aluminum canoes!
  • A canoe holds a max of 3 adults OR 2 adults and 2 small children.  Kids age 4-10 (up to 2 of them) can ride free in the middle of the canoe as long as there are two paying customers in the canoe with them.
  • Please add 7% for sales tax.

Do I need reservations to rent a canoe, kayak or tube?

  • If your group size is 15 or more people, we do appreciate a “heads up” phone call or email so we can be well prepared. Please see our Group Outings page for more info on hosting a large group event on the Little Miami River!

Some restrictions do apply:

  • Please, no persons under 40lbs or under the age of 4 yrs. will be permitted.
  • All persons MUST sign a waiver before participating. All minors, 4-17 years of age and below, MUST have a parent or guardian signature before participating.
  • Please check in daily to be sure river levels are in the safe range to enjoy the river that day. Beautiful weather does not guarantee we are open, unfortunately. Our Facebook page always has the most up to date information about the livery.
  • We love dogs! Dogs are permitted as long as they are not aggressive and are kept on a leash while on the property and bus ride.

Discounted rates for non-profit organizations and large groups renting 11+ vessels.  Call (513) 576-9000 for details.




Bring trash bags or use one of ours – the Little Miami has been a State Scenic River for over 40 years. We’d like to keep it that way.


Wear old clothes and shoes – because the river water is wet (who knew?)


Bring straps for your coolers – because heavy coolers can sink (who knew?)


Wear sunscreen – because the sun can cause sunburn (who knew?)


Don’t take your car keys or your wallet – unless you plan on paddling home.


Lifejackets are for safety, not for connecting canoes – please wear one at all times.


No styrofoam coolers, no glass bottles, no alcohol – all three can have lasting ill effects on the river’s beauty.


Please be courteous to other riders and respect private property.


Above all – have fun!